Wednesday, November 26

Original Red Truck Watercolor Painting "Polished to Perfection" by Georgia Artist Deanna Jaugstetter

 Who doesn't love the color "RED"! While roaming the grounds at a fall festival I spotted this old truck.
I couldn't wait to paint it, in fact I painted it three times, this painting being a watercolor.
 It would have made my Mother proud, because as a lover of the color Red, she dressed me in red for 18 years of my life! 

22"x15"  Original Red Truck Watercolor Painting/Available 

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Monday, November 24

Boat Sketch, Maritime Sketch,"Sundrenched Sketch" by Georgia Artist Deanna Jaugstetter

Sometimes a value study for a painting captures the essence of the scene so well without color notes! One can feel the light bouncing off the water onto the canoe!y for a painting captures the essence of the scene so well without color notes! One can feel the light bouncing off the water onto the canoe!

8"x6" Pencil on Paper/Available


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Saturday, November 22

Beach House Painting, Yellow Cottage "Tybee Island Cottage II" by Georgia Artist Deanna Jaugstetter

On a visit to Tybee Island, Georgia in late spring of 2014, I was inspired to paint a charming yellow cottage.

I titled the oil painting "Tybee Island Cottage II".

 Imagine my surprise after getting my mail recently! There on the front cover of the November issue of Coastal Living is the same cottage that I had painted a couple of months earlier!

 The six page feature of the cottages cozy interior gave the name of the property owner.
Evelyn Kelley, is now the proud owner of Tybee Island Cottage II.

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Evelyn provides a great vacation rental experience!

 Deanna Jaugstetter

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Thursday, November 20

Original Georgia inspired landscape by Georgia french born artist Isabelle Gautier

48 x 48 " Hike in Georgia"
 I just delivered this painting at Trinity School in Buckhead Atlanta today for the Neiman Marcus Holiday Art Market that they organize this year for the first time.

This painting has been inspired by my numerous hikes I regularly have with a  group of friends through the hills of Georgia .

This original contemporary acrylic painting was executed with an out of foam home-made palette knife. It allows me to get these bold strokes that translate the energy and passion I have for this landscape.

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Wednesday, November 19

Original Georgia Landscape Painting, Cow,Bovine Art "Feeling Left Out" by Georgia Artist Deanna Jaugstetter, 

Here are two contented cows and one who feels a little ignored! "Feeling Left Out" is a framed landscape oil painting on canvas of one of my most favorite animals, the cow! Having had a cow named Bessie as a child whose milk I drank at almost every meal was true country living! Milk and Cornbread was a staple at my dinner table in beautiful Western North Carolina! As my Dad used to say, "This is God's Country"! Although a city girl now with some city ways, the country does come out on occasion, especially in what I choose to paint for you! "Feeling Left Out" is beautifully framed in a light burled wood frame which compliments the colors and mood of the painting!

10"x10" Oil on Canvas-FRAMED/SOLD

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Tuesday, November 18

Atlanta Original Art

atlanta artist painter
©1990-2014 Still Life By Jill Saur, all rights reserved
My new 11"x14" acrylic palette knife painting is loaded with texture.  The vibrant hues invite the viewer to enjoy the feeling of this simple but emotive painting.  I've titled this piece, "Best Of Friends".

I set up this still-life a number of years ago when I had my gallery.  There was a wall outside where I was able to have small photo shoots with different arrangements of objects.

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Monday, November 17

Original Oil Female Figurative Painting "You Gotta Have Attitude"  by Georgia Artist Deanna Jaugstetter


 I once heard that in order to convey confidence in life "you gotta have attitude".
 I believe the young woman in this oil painting is someone I would like to spend more time with!
 Don't you love the color green I used for the chair! Even the chair has attitude! 

 10"x14" Oil on Canvas

 Original Oil Female Figurative Painting

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Saturday, November 15

Original Still Life Flower Watercolor Painting "A Touch of Orange" by Georgia Artist Deanna Jaugstetter

On Fridays, I meet with a group of artist friends to paint and do art talk! We often set up a still life of flowers which one of the participants brings for set up! "A Touch of Orange", a still life watercolor painting on paper, is inspired by this mixed bouquet of beautiful summer flowers! The loose interpretation of the bouquet makes for a lively and spontaneous creation resulting from a delightful painting experience! The painting is beautifully double matted, with glass , and custom framed!

 Watercolor-14.5"x14.5"Framed Dimensions

 This painting is SOLD, but commissions are welcome.

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Wednesday, November 12

Original Still Life Floral Oil Painting "Catching The Light" by Georgia Artist Deanna Jaugstetter


 As I painted this floral oil painting in my studio, the light coming from the window stayed consistent until the end. Often, a light source will change dramatically, challenging the artist in that he must remember the initial inspiration for the painting. For me, so often it is the way light falls across the subject matter! Such is the joy and challenge of painting from life. Hydrangea is a southern flowering bush that brings me great joy in my garden from mid spring through late June!

 11x14 Oil on Canvas/SOLD

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