Wednesday, August 11

Painting Review - Lukas Acrylics - Columbus GA

Columbus Georgia acrylic painting on canvas with Lukas Acrylic Pastos paint. I painted this 16 x 20 art on stretched canvas for promotional use by Jerry's Artarama. If you have a specific cityscape you want captured email me an image. Below is my review of the paint:

I recently completed a painting with Lukas Pastos Acrylics and was very satisfied with the results in comparison to other acrylic paints I have used in the past. This is the first time I have felt like I was using high quality, high pigment oil paint. The texture, strength, and ease of use right out of the tube enabled me to apply the paint without adding any water. What amazed me was the ability of the paint to be watered down and go a long way with a little bit of paint. Unlike some acrylics that when watered down leave blank clear or unfinished appearance on the canvas, the Lukas Pastos Acrylics continued to spread evenly and completely when watered down several times from the base form out of the tube. The color selection allows using the colors with little to no required mixing to produce desired results for both realistic and modern styles of painting. The best part about the brand is you get more than what you pay for. The paint outlasts and out paints the competitor from my opinion of working with the medium for many years. I have attached a sample of one of the paintings I have completed with the media.

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