Monday, August 30

"Tomato and Knife" by Marilyn M King

"Tomatoes and Knife"

5"x 7" Oil on mounted linen. $80.+$8. s&h

Should I admit that this was what we artists call a "wiper"? After my last painting of tomatoes in a very rendered tighter style, I wanted to loosen up and bring some life to the subject. When I stopped painting yesterday it looked very different from this final painting. I had painted the background with a loose cutting board wood grain and it looked more like a striped pattern in colors that weren't enhancing the red tomato. I put in my to-be-continued file called the "freezer" ( literally).

Today I began reworking it and got deeper and deeper into trouble, I had a real mess on my hands. The panel was going to be wiped clean when I gave it a final play with the palette knife. I hate to give up, you see. After changing the background I used brushes to work on the tomatoes in order to blend the two looks of brush and palette knife applications. I must say that I think I pulled it out of the total failure status and it deserves to go in my drying chamber. Cool texture!

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