Thursday, March 24

Pinkie and the Killers, Tulip Palette Knife Painting by Judy Mackey

"Pinkie and the Killers"
8" x  8" x 1.5", Oil on Canvas

Odd title for a painting?  There was a singing group in Japan in the '70's called Pinky and the Killer - at least I think Pinky was spelled with a "y"....Female lead singer with 4 men backup - kind of like Gladys Knight and the Pips.  They often dress in tux's and a Top Hat with canes.....I might have been reminiscing because of all the news from Japan.

When I posted this painting on FB, several alumni from my high school in Japan commented that they remembered the group and liked the title.

Well it's officially Spring now and tulips just feel so Spring.  Although I don't know if I can name just one flower to that honor....blooming trees, daffodils, hyacinths, all feel like Spring.

Have a lovely day!

If you are interested in purchasing "Pinkie and the Killers", please email me at  If you like my work, I hope you will refer me to your friends.

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