Monday, March 28

Spent the Weekend with a Handsome Redhead

Two of them, actually. This one is Timber.  You can read about him here:  Jelly Beans for Timber

Proceeds from this painting are also being donated to Adopt a Golden Atlanta, to the Timber fund.
Timber, 11x14" Oils on Board
$200, all proceeds to Adopt a Golden Atlanta for the Timber fund

And who might the second handsome redhead be?  Why, Beck, of course. Last night as I was finishing this painting, he sauntered into the studio after his after-dinner nap. After a moment's serious contemplation, he informed me that *his* nose wasn't quite that purple. Of course, he thought it was a painting of him. However, I take the blame for that, as I have been known to tell him he is the most gorgeous redhead ever.  It seems he believed me. I never knew he was quite so vain about his nose, though.

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