Monday, July 11

Painting Small 4x4's by Marsha Hamby Savage

I have been having fun painting on 4x4 gallery wrap canvas or Ampersand Pastelbord 4x4 hard panels (slipped in a 6x6 also). These are oil paintings, and so far I think I have done 8 little jewels. Here is one of my favorites.

You can see -- I attached it to a piece of foam core with rolled up tape on the back so I would have an easier time of the painting and the edges! Also, the resource was a pencil sketch done while traveling the road to the International Association of Pastel Societies (IAPS) convention this past June. My husband was driving, and we were going 75 miles and hour -- captured a quick impression and did the sketch mostly from memory just so I could do this sort of painting. What fun!

Here is my web site for more paintings.

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