Saturday, August 20

Hope of a Lasting Friendship - Floral Palette Knife Painting

"Hope of a Lasting Friendship"
30" x  30" x 1.5", Oil on Canvas

I had lunch with a fellow local Georgia artist, Elsie Porter.  It is so good to visit with other artists and talk about ummmm....ART!  And we are both women with a past (of course!) so it is nice to connect with someone to talk about life, home, men, diet and exercise, religion, clothes - I think our conversation touched on almost every topic...We met a year ago when she gave a workshop of Marketing Art.  My favorite topic and something I look forward to learning and implementing!

I'd already painted this and was stumbling around for a title...when after our lunch Elsie and I'd exchanged emails on how much we enjoyed each other's company and she had written a sentence, " Just wanted to say thanks for a great time and the hope of a lasting friendship."

Two vases of flowers in this painting - what a perfect title!  And it is so wonderful to meet and make new friends no matter where we are in life.  I am so blessed and happy to have made a new friend.  

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