Monday, October 10

Angel Watching, Palette Knife Painting by Judy Mackey

"Angel Watching"
9" x  6" x 1.5", Oil on Stretched Canvas

Somewhat moody painting looking at an angel from behind as the angel watches...I posted this on Facebook and someone mentioned that the angel looked like she was waiting to help someone.  Angels probably do wait around so that they are available to help us.

How's your angel?  Done anything lately that'd make the angel sitting on your shoulder whisper "don't do it...." as the little devil on the other shoulder presses for you to?

Well, be an angel and spread the word on this - I have a listing on Ebay right now for an angel painting I painted earlier this year - the angel is wearing pink boots and it's called "You wear it Well".  100% of the proceeds goes to Susan G. Komen Foundation for Breast Cancer Awareness.  Only a few more days to make your bid and donation.   Click here to Bid on Ebay.

If you are interested in purchasing "Angel Watching", please email me at  If you like my work, I hope you will refer me to your friends.

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