Tuesday, November 1

Fireworks, Golden Retrievers and the Frankenstein of Pumpkins

Last year, my doofus of a neighbor started a new neighborhood tradition for Halloween -- First, play loud and spooky music just as it starts to get dark. Then, as groups of kids go by, set off very loud and very illegal fireworks, causing said group to scream loudly. Needless to say, this is a bit much to take for even the most saintly of Golden Retrievers.

So Beck and I started a new Halloween tradition of our own -- First, he comes somewhat willingly to my studio basement. Then, as the neighborhood tradition outlined above commences, one of us paints and the other paces the basement nervously with large rawhide bone in mouth. I am really hoping that next year, he will let *me* do the painting part.

This is my friend Jack, a curmudgeon of a ceramic pumpkin doo-dad.

My Friend Jack
Oils on canvas, 6"x6" palette knife painting
For Sale, $50
Monica Burnette

Here's a link to last year's painting of Jack.

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