Thursday, November 10

Gourds, Monica Burnette

One of the things I love about fall is gourds. I love having them around the house to just catch your eye with their unusual shapes and colors. I used to look forward to buying them every year, but somehow my husband has taken over that duty. He comparison shops carefully, picking out each gourd with the precision you'd expect of someone picking out a big ticket item, not a three-for-a-dollar gourd. The slightest bruise, and out it goes. He puts great thought into where each gourd should go in the house. He has been kind enough to allow me to paint a few. However, this year, he *did* suggest I take a photo of them before I touch them, so I could return them to the *exact* spot I found them. Thankfully, his hearing is not the best, and he couldn't hear my whispers of "OCD!" whenever he walked by..... I spent last weekend painting a few gourds, and tried my best to return them to their designated spots.

Yellow Swan Gourd
Oils on canvas, 8"x10"
For Sale, $75

Orange-Green Gourd, palette knife painting
Oils on canvas, 6"x6"
For Sale, $50

 Green Gourd, palette knife painting
Oils on canvas, 6"x6"
For Sale, $50

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