Sunday, January 1

HELLO 2012!!!!


30x40 Mixed Media on Canvas

Welcome to 2012!   One of the things I have vowed to do this year is to post more regularly on this site!  
I also plan on having a story for each painting, meaning I will keep a log of the process I am using, as it changes from painting to painting.

I know I put two canvases together with gesso and let them set up for a couple of hours and then pulled them apart.   I have also started using a blow torch between layers to bring a hidden layer out.   I have also experimented with using gunpowder on canvas, I had previously used it to burn paper for collage because it makes a very nice lacelike effect.  I found it you spritz the canvas lightly, you can put the gunpowder on top of it and it won't burn through the canvas.  Yes, I think my "day" job has gotten pretty stressful, because I have enjoyed experimenting this year.

I promise you will see me around more in 2012!!!!!

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  1. What a wonderfull piece of desire !
    You're a very sensitive woman Vickie.


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