Monday, June 15

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This morning I was reminiscing how positively wonderful my patrons are. My painting, "Rhapsody For You," was purchased to hang in a gorgeous home, over an exquisite fireplace.  My client showed the utmost respect and genuine interest in selecting her painting.  It was rewarding to see her so happy with my work!

This is me with the painting to show the scale of my larger work.  Funny thing, I'm working on an even larger painting right now, and I caught myself thinking, "This canvas just isn't big enough!"  My client wrote the following words describing her purchase:

"I love my painting, 'Rhapsody For You', that I purchased for my home; it has been a fabulous addition!  The painting is very colorful and emotional.  Thank you for this Jill!  Every time I look at the painting, I can feel the joy that you put into the artwork.  I especially like how the painting looks at night, when it seems to glow.  I have the painting above my fireplace, and smile every time I see it!" - Bridgette K. - Roswell GA

If you're looking for a painting, even an over-sized one, for that special place in your home or business, I paint commissions.  Please read about it on my website.  CLICK HERE

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