Wednesday, January 26

I'm Here - Angel Painting by Judy Mackey

"I'm Here"
8 x 8 inches Oil on Raymar Board
Available - CLICK HERE

Another from my series on Angels.  this started as an angel holding an umbrella but I was not really happy with it.  So actually this is a re-do - repaint - fixed up - painting.  I still wanted the angel to hold an umbrella - maybe I got that idea from an insurance ad, nonethelsss,

I think angels do look out for here is one holding out an umbrella to protect us from the storms.  I changed the postion of her arms and her body and changed the color to a more soothing softer shade using the same pallete as the painting I'd done earlier called Angel Thoughts.  

The arm positoning was a suggestion from my painting buddy, Barbara whom I paint with nearly every week.  It's good having a painting buddy to paint and talk art with.  In a sense, she's my painting angel.  So if you haven't got one, do find someone to paint with.  It "makes" you paint - which is a good thing.

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Contemporary Palette Knife Artist, Judy Mackey

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