Tuesday, February 22

"The Hastening Tree" Tree Art by Jill Saur

I went down to the river today to take a walk and to visit my tree.  Well, it's not exactly my tree but it is my favorite.  I have written about this tree before, but today I took a photo of why it is so special.  It is hollow at the base, completely hollow.  However, this tree continues to thrive and put out beautiful foliage through spring, summer and fall.  

The first photo here is just from standing underneath and looking up.  It is winter.  The tree is naked, old, and some of the limbs are broken and exposed.  It only has a few roots on either side of the trunk.  It takes in what it needs and then gives back.  It gives its beauty to those who take the time to observe it.  It gives shade from the hot sun and provides a cool place to sit and just think about life.  It gives me the lesson that although life can be difficult at times, it is possible to survive against all odds and even thrive.

The second photo is a close up of the base of the tree.  There is not only a hole, but the hole goes completely through to the other side.  The tree has been this way for at least the last
four years.  I have been photographing it in different seasons, and I have done a number of paintings from my photos.  

The last photo is my favorite painting that I've done of this tree.  It is called, "The Hastening Tree".  I named it that because I get the sense that this tree is making its last sprint to reach the finish line in all the glory it can muster up.  In some deep place inside of me, I relate to this tree and what it stands for.
©2011 Jill Saur Fine Art, all rights reserved

©2011 Jill Saur Fine Art, all rights reserved

©2011 "The Hastening Tree" by Jill Saur Fine Art, all rights reserved

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