Thursday, April 21

"Noah's Ark"


My baby was due yesterday, so we are just waiting...patiently! I have been busy painting and getting my nursery prepared for this precious one who should be arriving any day now! This Noah's Ark painting was a joy to paint....I hope my baby has a love for animals like I do.

This has inspired me to paint a series of nursery paintings after I get in the swing of being a new MOM! There is such a need for this kind of art, and OOOOOHHHH I could use a ton of color and excitement in this nursery series! Just the idea of this energizes me!!

"Noah's Ark"

Kathryn Trotter


oil on canvas


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  1. LOVE THIS! Wouldn't It Be Glorious If You Gave Birth On Easter? You're Definitely Onto Something With The Nursery Paintings Idea. I Favor Painting Children's Art So Very Much..And It Seems Whenever I Give A Composition To A Child, They Show Such Excitement And Appreciation! Such Sweet Gratitude Makes My Heart Sing Like Nothing Else.


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