Friday, July 22

Si, Lo So - Yes, I Know - Palette Knife Artist Judy Mackey

"Si, Lo So"
24 x 24 x 1.5 inches, Oil on Canvas
Available - please email me for information.

BTW the temperature in and around Atlanta have been great.  At least from a transplated former Texan.  Texas has been experiencing 100+ degree temperatures with no rain.  The ranchers are selling their cows or else watching many die in the heat.  

I watch the weather here in the Atlanta area and we're told it's hot at 90+ degrees and that we've had over 40 days of over 90 degrees...

I admit it's more humid here in the Southeast and my paints take longer to dry.  But I mix in a little of the Archival Gel Medium and I think I'm pretty good to go.  The Whites and reds are giving the most problem  This painting uses a lot of white.  But the whites are not pure white.  They have a lot of colors in them.

I've received an email from a friend and a collector who might be interested in this painting - fingers crossed!!!


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