Saturday, August 20

BIRD IN THE BRUSH by Charlsie Sprewell


This painting was a lot of fun to compose.  It is a combination of mixed media and collage. The background has an applied modeling paste that covered the canvas for texture. When this was dry, I added green and gold tones of paint.  I then added the bird, which is a copy of a bird I had painted previously.  Paint was added on top of that for more color. Raffia and faux straw reeds were then added.  Let me know if you like this look.  It was a different type of art for me that I enjoyed very much.


  1. I like it! The 3D look with the grass crossing the bird is a nice effect.

  2. Thanks Cheryl for leaving us a comment! Yes, Charlsie does a beautiful job of it - her works are gorgeous.

  3. Thank you cheryl and Judy. I really enjoyed doing this piece.


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