Thursday, September 15

Limonello - Palette Knife Painting by Judy Mackey

24 x 30 x 1.5
Oil on Stretched Canvas

Yesterday, fellow Daily Painter of Georgia artist Hellene Vermillion and I were tourists in the city of Buford.  We visited the Artist Colony in Tannery Row and also talked to artist Mary Pratt who has a studio on Buford's main street.  It is so cool to be able to visit artist's studios and talk to fellow artists. see their works in progress.

One thing I noticed and I'm going to have to emulate is that everyone's studio was so darn neat and clean!!  I've got to be better organized and neater when I paint...and even as I type this I am soooo guilty of a couple of paint splatters on my ceiling when my palette knife dragged on a canvas while painting and shot up chunks of paint.  Of course it would happen that the paint splatters are dark brown against the white colored ceiling!

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