Wednesday, January 11

"Golden Muscadine" by Cathy McIntire

Golden Muscadine, Oil on Linen Panel, 8x8
In September I went out into the back yard and took pictures of the muscadines as they were approaching their peak of ripeness...just before the squirrels came and ate. every. one.

In past years I've made muscadine jam. It's a pain to make but the results are worth the effort. It has a distinctive flavor and the smell has an aroma that make me remember picking these grapes as a child. There would be a little pile of skins on the ground and a sticky residue pretty much all over my face. Ah, childhood.

This painting is on a linen panel. I recently started using panels to paint smaller works. One thing I really like about the panels is their archival quality. These babies will last forever, won't warp, and are easy to frame.


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