Tuesday, January 17

UGA Arch

The UGA arch is a well-known landmark at the University of Georgia. The Arch is a cast iron representation of the seal of the state of Georgia. The three pillars stand for Wisdom, Justice, and Moderation, which is the state motto of Georgia. This arch is considered to be the gateway to the University.

My watercolor painting, "Three Pillars Of The Arch", is available in a 14"x10" limited edition giclee on archival, hand-made watercolor paper. It frames out to be a 20"x16" painting.  I'm so proud of the company that I use to make reproductions. It is just about impossible to tell the original from the giclee!

To learn more about what a giclee is, or to inquire about this limited edition, please visit my website. CLICK HERE

©1990-2012 UGA Arch by Jill Saur, all rights reserved

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