Friday, February 24

Aspen Artwork by Jill Saur

"Inspiration is not a sudden light from space but a compulsion born of sharpened observation and perception". - Bud Biggs, American Artist, 1906-1985

I don't paint what's popular, what other people paint, or even what I think I should paint. I paint what I'm "driven" to paint. The elements and principles of design, color theory, and technique are instruments in the symphony but they are not the conductor, I am.

Perhaps that's why I titled this 36"x48" acrylic painting, "Symphonic Twilight". 
In the twilight hours, I was inspired by an aspen grove in New Mexico. There was just a hint of purple and I just ran with it!  If there is just a hint of light in the room, this painting just glows.

©1990-2012 Aspen Art by Jill Saur, all rights reserved

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