Wednesday, May 9

"MAMA" by Kathryn Morris Trotter

Kathryn Morris Trotter
oil on canvas

I am a MOM....
       This was a painting that I was inspired to paint while missing my baby Caroline.  Although she has just reached the year mark, I was imagining her in this young toddler stage in life and how I look forward to the journey.  As I painted this painting, I could hear her babbling in the next room with my favorite sitter.  In one sense I wanted to be on the floor immersed into her world, yet on the other hand I was savoring the peace and solitude of my light filled studio where I can create whatever I want.  
       The balance of being a mom and an a professional artist can be quite complex.  My most important job is being a mom without a doubt, but I think most artists would agree that the energy of exiting ideas are hard to contain.  They necessitate immediate attention, lest they be gone forever.  My greatest pieces are usually born  when that explosive, creative energy overtakes me, and I jump into my paint clothes and grab the brush.  However, I do accept that there will be a time for more of those moments later on.  My discipline exercise for now is to schedule my painting time and accept that "scheduled painting," which seems like an oxymoron, is better than not painting at all!

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