Saturday, June 9

"The Invitation" by Kathryn Morris Trotter

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"The Invitation"
40x60" oil on canvas
By Kathryn Morris Trotter

The title of this piece, "The Invitation," piques one's curiosity.  Where are these ladies going and what prestigious event soiree were they invited to? Where are they?  Are they in New York or Paris?  It must be an important event to be so fabulously dressed in the rain...and yes, these fashionistas came prepared.  

I just love this painting, and I will miss it when it is no longer hanging in my studio.  Where do I envision these ladies?? I see this piece in a high-end fashion boutique, a New York loft, or potentially a fashion house....although, I wouldn't be surprised if a man ends up purchasing this painting for his wife or secretly for himself.  One would be surprised at how many emails I receive from men who are captivated by these ladies.  They have no shame...I am talking true businessmen who probably eat, live, and breathe football.  I must say..I love it!  

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