Tuesday, August 6

Canton Street, Roswell GA

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©1990-2013 "Canton Street" by Jill Saur, all rights reserved

Canton Street, in Historic Roswell, Ga., is a place to step back in time, as well as travel forward into the future.  The History of Canton Street takes us back to the early 1800's during the gold rush, when Roswell King founded the Cotton Mill, and a town was born.  These historic buildings now house beautiful art galleries and thriving restaurants  that draw crowds from all areas of Atlanta. 

My 36"x36" acrylic painting on canvas, "Canton Street", was commissioned by a couple who often spent their date nights at Party Chic by Kelly Kakes,  Little Alley Steak, or Zest restaurant.  They had a job transfer to Denver, Colorado and they wanted a reminder of their wonderful time spent together on Canton Street.  This work of art was a labor of love for me because I've lived in Roswell for twenty years.  I had my own art gallery in HIstoric Roswell for four years until I moved my studio home, where I devote myself full-time to painting.

I'm offering a very limited hand-embellished edition of this painting on canvas.  Please contact me for details.  EMAIL  Also, please visit my website to see my other commissioned work and works of art.  WEBSITE

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