Wednesday, July 20

Soul Mates - Angel with Dog Palette Knife Painting Judy Mackey

"Unconditional Love"
10 x 8 inches, Oil on cradled panel
Earlier this year I painted this and asked my friends what I should name this painting.  Made a contest of it.  

I did have a winner and chose "Unconditional Love".  

From that painting I received a commission - paint the same painting but with a dog of a different color because the collector's sister owns an elderly border collie and she wanted to have something to give her sister when the "time" came.  She sent me a photo of her sister's border collie, Fly.  That was this Spring and I wondered....

 I received an email from her the other day that Fly has crossed the rainbow bridge and she gave her this painting to let her know that Fly will be alright.  The painting is called "Soul Mates" titled by my collector.  I really think all dogs go to heaven and I know they watch over us...I have a few dog angels looking out for me, I feel their presence and their protection.....

"Soul Mates"
10" x  8", Oil on Cradled board

My prayers go out to Fly and hope she is settling nicely in heaven.


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